We actively communicate with our clients

We are working on YOUR ideas here, so we actively communicate with you to get the essence of your expectations on the project.

We do dynamically offer suggestions, but will never impose our ideas over your project. We make sure you get what you need, along with our value addition.

We bring in the latest of everything to your table

We have built a dynamic environment at n-frames, wherein all our tools and resources are up-to-date.

we will employ the latest cutting edge technologies on your project. You will never have to worry about the advancement of your project.

We love good design

All our projects have to pass through a dedicated team of Creative designers and UI developers.

before we could even start with the product development meaning all your projects will be visually appealing apart from being easy-to-use.

We provide multiple financial approaches

We work with companies of all sizes and so offer multiple financial approaches for the same quality project.

You can choose to work with in-house people with access to 100% control or leave that to our Project Managers for them to work with our extended developer network with a slightly lesser control on your projects. Whatever be your option, we will never compromise on the quality.

We really care

We don’t just disappear after completion of projects but rather focus on long-term relationship with the clients. We offer free support and consistent discounts for every repeat customer and referral.